About Us

Wahine (wah-hee-nay) = woman in Hawaiian

Wahine Sport activewear and accessories—for all your active pursuits!  Designed for fitness activities, travel, adventure, play and running around town. 

I am a problem solver by nature hence my design philosophy is that in addition to looking great on your body, each piece created by Wahine Sport must be:

  • functional
  • moderately priced
  • versatile - useful for many different activities

All our products are performance tested by dynamic wahines in the Pacific Northwest and made in the USA with easy-care, quick-drying, moisture wicking fabrics.

     Wahine Sport was started in 2004 by Linda Shigaki, a fitness enthusiast and avid traveler wahine from Hawaii.  After years of wearing black in frequently gray Seattle, I wanted to bring the fun and comfortable feel of a tropical vacation to women who like to play and experience adventures. 


    Activewear and accessories for fitness, travel and fun.  Go play!